Thursday, July 2, 2015

Java for Joy

I am going to turn back into that obnoxious person begging you to get involved in our adoption again...sorry...sort of. This thing is expensive and we spent so much already the first time around. I want my Joy home but I also want to stay financially able to provide for her medical needs and therapies (which there will be many!) when she gets here. So while taking out a loan is an option and we will if it comes down to it, our preference is to cut back everywhere, take on extra work and fundraise fundraise fundraise!

So for the month of July I am asking all my coffee loving friends to trade their java for a little bit of JOY! Instead of stopping at Starbucks (or wherever you get your caffeine fix), would you be willing to make that sacrifice and set that amount aside for our Joy baby!

Of course I'm not just gonna take your money, so we've got a little raffle going too. Every time you give up your coffee and give to her fund instead I will add an entry to our giveaway for a great coffee-lovers prize!

There are 2 ways to give.

Paypal is the easiest. Just use the email

or use our FSP with this link for a tax deductible donation.

Don't forget to let me know when you do so I can get you in the drawing!

And don't forget to use this link when making purchases on Amazon.