Wednesday, January 15, 2014

60+ Meals in the Freezer Week 1

I am roughly 8 weeks away from having our 5th baby. Children numbers 6 and 7 not far behind...
Basketball season is in full swing and we are about a month out from baseball and soccer starting up.
Oh and there is homeschooling, fundraising and adoption paperwork too. Every year I start out with good intentions but fall in the trap of fast food. Taco Casa and Little Caesars are our go-to's when we are crunched for time and money. Where else can you feed a family of 6 for $10? I am determined not to let that happen this spring so I'm filling my freezer. I've been freezer cooking for a couple of years and still getting the hang of it. My goal is to put 10 meals in the freezer each week until Abby's arrival. I thought I'd share them in case anyone else wants to join me.
These are not necessarily "healthy meals' but many of them can be adjusted. Right now our priority is getting our kids home. These prices are all based on the cheapest NOT the best for you brand. If your grocery budget is more flexible, please make the better choices!

Bacon Ranch Chicken

I got this recipe from Crockin'Girls but made some adjustments (More sauce & noodles to stretch the meal and fill more little tummies). It's one of my favorites because it requires so little prep time and you just drop it in the crock pot the day you want to serve it.

20 lb chicken breast or tenders. $45.92  (4 Great Value frozen 5lb bags)
I have only been using 3 bags (15 lb) lately. The kids prefer it and it cuts costs to $34.44
16 cups sour cream                   $11.84  (8 Great Value 16oz)
15 cans cream of chicken soup  $10.95  (15 Great Value 10.5oz cans)
15 packets ranch dressing mix   $18.45  (7.5 Hidden Valley Ranch 2 packs)
15 tsp minced garlic                   $3.95    (1 Gourmet Garlic 4oz tube-leftovers keep for another recipe)
30 tbs bacon bits                       $4.98    (3 Great Value 2.5oz bag)
10 boxes of egg noodles            $10.00  (Great Value 16oz boxes)
Total for 10 recipes=$106.09 ($94.61 if you use 15 lb chicken)
Total for 1 meal (serves about 8)=$10.06 ($9.46 if you use 15 lb chicken)

Divide chicken evenly between 10 containers. I like to use gallon ziplock bags because they take up less freezer space. Reusable containers are a less wasteful option.

Mix together sour cream, cream of chicken, ranch, garlic and bacon and pour (divided evenly) over the chicken.

Seal (I double bag just in case and reuse the outer bags next time.) and lay flat in freezer

When you are ready to use just pull from freezer and place in crock pot on high for 4-5 hours (less if you thaw first).

While it is cooking, cook 1 box of noodles for 1-2 minutes less then the suggested time.

When the chicken is cooked through, shred and return to sauce in the crock pot. Add cooked noodles and let sit for a few minutes and serve.

I usually serve with steamed broccoli.

An easy NO PREP freezer breakfast or treat

We are selling these amazing braided pastries through 

1/24/14. They are perfect for the busy mom because they 

come frozen. You set them out the night before to let the 

dough rise (they just about triple in size) and then bake. All 

proceeds got to our adoption fund.Available flavors: Apple, 

Blueberry & Cream Cheese, Cinnamon, Cream Cheese, 

Strawberry & Cream Cheese and Double Chocolate. All flavors are $13 except Double 

Chocolate which is $14 Local orders only as they are perishable. Let me know what you'd 


My "plan" is to make 10 of 1 recipe each week until Abby's arrival. I will try to add to this post each time as I purchase the ingredients and break down costs.

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  1. I need to start freezer cooking, but it intimidates me so much! You are doing awesome, I am a bit envious.